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The QAF convention in Toronto next June

Look at me, posting two days in a row. :)

Some of you might have already heard about this since I've talked about it on FB and a bit also on Twitter but here's more room to expand so will put it here as well.

Around the end of June, I bought a ticket for the Toronto convention on the website. Around 15 minutes later, I got an email saying that the organizer was denying my ticket "because past has shown we see things differently when it comes to fandom and conventions" and on the basis of the T&G which says that the organizer reserves the right to deny access to the event. Was very surprised by this and didn't know what to think. Sent an email back saying that I was sorry she felt so but also requested a bit closer explanation about it all. A few weeks passed and I got my reply. It pretty much stated that "based on my behavior in previous conventions, for the benefit of other attendees, a ticket could not be extended to me".

Now I've come to accept that I've been banned and truth be told, I'm not that willing to go somewhere, where I'm obviously not wanted. But to me the grounds of me being banned sound a bit flimsy. I would understand it if I had been threatening towards the organizer, guests or other attendees. But as far as I can see, all I've done is ask too many questions and bantered with the guests. Maybe that's wrong too. To my defense, the main reason I have asked so many questions, has been, that there hasn't really been anyone else asking questions. For example, several times in Bilbao, I waited for someone else to go there and pretty much only went up there after being prompted by Randy when no-one else was saying anything. I kept encouraging other people to go and ask questions but not with much result. I don't blame anyone since I know from experience that it can be nerve-wrecking to get up there in front of everyone.

However, it has also entered my mind, that is possible that some people were annoyed by me in Bilbao and have complained and that has lead to me being banned from Toronto. If that is the case, I want to apologize. My intention definitely was never to annoy anyone.

However, long story short, I won't be attending Toronto. However, will be looking forward to reading reports from there from people who do go.


So here's the first official part of my report. This part of the report will be mostly text at the beginning with a picspam following in the end. It seems I concentrated more on talking with the guests than taking photos but there are already so many great photos around that I guess it doesn't matter. The pics are clickable for larger.

Standard disclaimer: As always I'm happy to share my experiences but I do ask that you respect the hard work I've put in this and don't take any parts of the report or the photos and post them somewhere else. I'm fine with people linking on this report and even encourage it. Also if you want to make icons of any of my photos, that is fine too. All I ask it that you ask. :)

Second disclaimer: All things stated here are my own opinions and don't represent the opinions of anyone else.

There's a story behind my copyright watermark but that story is still coming :)

Finally. I hope you enjoy!

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My New York adventure - part 2 ie the QWANcon

So here's the QWANvention part of my report. This time there are even photos, lots of them. What I said yesterday still goes. I'm more than happy to share my report and photos but please don't go stealing them. Tell me where you are putting them and give me credit. That's all I'm asking.

Now I hope you enjoy!

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Final comment: The whole event was so great. Everything ran smoothly and people seemed to enjoy themselves. My heartfelt thanks to Sarah and Milo, the organizers, as well as all the people who helped out with the event, in one way or another.

My New York adventure - part 1

I'm back from my trip. It was an awesome trip and I'm so happy I had the chance to make it. I've done my best to write a report of all the things Randy that happened there but couldn't quite manage to get it all together tonight. True to form, I wrote too much. Therefore, I decided to cut the report into two parts. This first part has the parts when I went to see him in Harbor and the second part, which I'll hopefully finish tomorrow, will have the QWANcon parts.

As always with my reports, I'm happy to share my experiences and photos but I ask you not to spread them around without my knowledge or credit. Okay, in this first part there really aren't that many photos, but anyway :) So in short, feel free to share my report but please tell me about it so that I know. Thank you!

I hope you enjoy!

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Rise 'n Shine report - Part 3

And here's the final part of my report. Couldn't post yesterday because I spent the whole day at my sister's house. It was her birthday yesterday so we had a small celebration. And also just enjoyed the company of my lovely niece once more.


Anyway, below the cut the Sunday part of the convention. Again some pictures included there.

PLEASE, do not take my photos and post them elsewhere before asking me first!!!

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Rise 'n Shine report - Part 2

And here's the next part. In case you happened to miss the first part it's here

This part got pretty long but tried to include as much details from the talks as I could remember as well read from my notes. There are also quite a few pictures. I hope you enjoy!

PLEASE!!! Do not take any of my photos and post them elsewhere without asking me first!

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